Official Acadamic Transcript

Your official academic transcript from your university lists all the subjects that you have taken in the colleges and your marks earned in the semester. These are 'official' ones since they will be issued by your university.Transcrcipts are nothing but the official copies of marks lists you have received at the end of the semester.

You need to submit transcripts from all schools/universities you attended. ( 10th standard, +2, and B.E/B.tech etc).

How to get Transcripts from your univeversity?

You can request your transcripts at the university's registar office. You need a fill a specified form by your university and submit it to university with the required amount. Some universities require that you need to forward this from on the behalf of your college. Different universities in Pakistan had diffrent approaches to issue transcripts.

How universities prepare your transcripts?

  • They will make color xerox or copy of your marksheet.
  • Transcripts will have official signature of universities registar and university stamps.
  • Transcripts will be closed in an envelop.
  • Envelopes will be sealed and will have university stamp on it.

Transcripts from your High School

For 10th standard and +2 transcripts you can get copy of the original certificates and get them attested/notarised from your schools.

Cost to apply for transcripts

Each university will have different pricing for transcripts. Universities will charge 200 rupess to 1000 rupees for each transcript. Suppose, you are applying to 1 university and now you are in final year first semeter. By this time you will have 6 transcripts. and Let us assume that each transcript will cost Rs. 100.

  • Cost of 1 transcript: Rs. 100
  • Cost of 6 transcripts: 100 x 6 = 600

so, one set of transcript costs 600 Rs. If the university you are applying requires 2 sets of transcripts you need to request 2 sets from your university which would cosr 600 x 2 = 1200.

How many sets of transcripts?

Most of the universities ask you for 2 sets where as few univs ask for 1 set.

How to Send Transcripts to US Schools?

In general, you can get transcripts from your undergrad university and post it to American College. Few american colleges exepect the offical transcripts to be sent directly from your university.

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