Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

Funding from the focused University is usually the most common form of financial assisstance. Most of the university funding is for research based science and engineering programs. Usually, MBA programs have less funding than engineering majors.

The most common forms of assistantships are:

There are numerous types of scholarships or financial assistanceship. From specialized need or community base scholarships to strict merit base scholarships.

1) Tuition Waiver

The university itself or some other institution pay your fee for study. If the university itself pay the fee it is called fee waiver. This means that the student does not have to pay the tuition fees at the university. However, general fees (for the use of university facilities like the library, computers, and sports and health services) have to be paid by the student. A tuition waiver is frequently awarded in conjunction with a scholarship or teaching/research assistantship.

Full or Partial waivers

You may get Full tuition waiver or Partial tuition waiver. Most of the Universities will give you 2/3 tuition waiver if you are offered a waiver. In rare cases you will be given Full fee waiver.

2) Scholarships

Other Scholarships for all countries and all disciplines.

Scholarships awards are given to students based on academic excellence and/or talent. Additionally, students may receive scholarships based on other factors, such as ethnic background, field of study, or financial need. Scholarships vary in their amounts and the number of years. For example, they can be awarded a one time payment or receive aid annually for a some number of years (Example: $3000 scholarship vs. $9000 per year for four years). Like a grant, students do not need to payback the money awarded in a scholarship.

Other Scholarships

Sources of Scholarships

Scholarships can be awarded through your school or through private sources. Institutions offer various scholarships based on merit, talent, and/or need. Contact your school for a list of scholarships being offered to students. Private scholarships are offered through organizations or companies. Some organizations make students compete for awards through performance or essay writing, whereas some look for students that fit specific requirements and standards.

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3) Fellowships

Fellowships are granted to graduate and post-graduate students. They are like scholarships and, similarly, do not require repayment. Fellowships are awarded by private organizations, institutions, or through the government. Fellowships vary in the amount being awarded and can be used either towards research or education. Students can be given a 1- to 4-year stipend with or without a tuition waiver. The type of fellowship awarded is based on merit, need, and the institution's/faculty's grant. Some schools allow you to directly apply for fellowships offered through the schools. However, some schools award only fellowships to students who have been recommended by a faculty member.

These awards are few and very competitive.

4) Assistantship

Most students who receive assistance usually do so in the form of an assistantship, i.e. a cash stipend sufficient for their living expenses, and/or tuition waiver. To get this, they have to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week. This work normally consists of teaching and research activities. Teaching assistantships are more likely to be in universities, which have large undergraduate classes whereas research assistantships tend to be more common in those fields and universities in which considerable research is in progress. Information brochures of most universities give this information.

5) Other On campus Jobs

Apart from the above funding opportunities you can earn money while you are in university by the oncampus jobs. On campus jobs won't have tuition waiver.

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