Prepare Problem Solving Mathematics For Genral Tests Easily

Problem Solving (commonly known as mathematics) section is almost an integral part of every test. It plays an important role in achieving higher score. Test taker spend most of their prep time on this section. The reason behind this time spending is its immediate yielding results. A prospect test taker must adopt a particular strategy so that he/she may save prep time. No doubt it give him/her a ready boost in score. To learn how you can perform best on this section:

Download Sample MCQ

To learn effectively and practice offline, download sample MCQs of Problem Solving- the mathematics of General Tests. After solving all MCQs learning will be easy for any prospect test taker. TO learn Problem solving easily follow the steps.

For taking lesson, follow the steps

Step 1: Basics of Number System

The number system describes various numbers like Integers, Real Numbers, and Prime Numbers and their properties. Number system is the foundation of quantitative section of the test.

Step 2: Challenging Number System

Tips and tricks involving Number System hone your quantitative skills up to an advanced level. This section of the module provides you the lessons targeted to higher level manipulation of numbers.

Step 3: Applied Arithmetic

The lessons in this part of the module make you proficient in applying basic arithmetic in solving the test questions.

Step 4: Basics of Algebra

Algebra is involved in almost all question type of the quantitative section of the test. If you are proficient in solving algebraic expressions or algebraic equations you'll feel comfortable in every section of the quantitative part of the test.

Step 5: Advance Algebra

The lessons on advance algebra provide you an insight of the highest level problem tricks that test makers employ in questions. You must learn these lessons keenly.

Step 6: Problem Solving Basic

All quantitative concepts and all the methods you have learnt in the preceding lessons are employed in Problem Solving. These are the MCQs based on quantitative logic and inference. Problem Solving 1 lessons are based on all tips and tricks commonly used in this section.

Step 7: Problem Solving Advance

This lesson module is the extension of Problem Solving 1. Some advance topics are covered in these lessons.

Step 8: Practice Questions

After the completion and understanding the lessons, you must take practice questions. In this set of practice questions you'll find the questions of all type discussed in the lessons.


Geometry is included in GMAT, GRE, and many other local tests. Quantitative section of GMAT and GRE include 40% of geometry questions. Geometry part of preparation has been kept seperate because some tests do not include geometry.

Video Lessons and 10 Fully Explained Grand Tests

Large number of solved practice MCQ with explanations. Video Lessons and 10 Fully explained Grand/Full Tests.