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Aga Khan Medical University

Aga Khan Medical University offers a wide range of study programs. The university AKU programs ranges from bachelor level to postgraduate sudies. AKU admission criteria includes admission test for all post graduate studies where as for undergarduate courses the university requires test for professional degrees.
Aga Khan Medical University is a reputed university in Sindh and successfully operating in major disciplines. Web address: www.aku.edu/Pages/home.aspx Aga Khan Medical University Web Link

Programs of Aga Khan Medical University

Select the program to view the test pattern of Aga Khan Medical University and to take online test of MCQs. You will be able to download the old and sample papers of Aga Khan Medical University.

Download Sample Paper of the test of AKU

Here is one sample paper for Aga Khan Medical University test. To download more sample papers visit the degree program page.

Scholarships and Financial Aid by Aga Khan Medical University

Scholarships, grants and other financial support are available to make sure that every admitted student can attend.
Admission to any of the academic programs at Aga Khan University is entirely based on merit. Application process evaluates prospective students on a needs-blind basis, so no student is denied admission based on his or her financial deprivation. Upon acceptance into one of our academic programs, the University works with students who need financial assistance to help them finance the cost of their education.

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