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Your Application Essays

Read all of your essays for a single school, all in one sitting. Make sure that the essays all work together in a satisfying way. Have you left out anything you wanted to say? Are you overworking a particular job experience or anecdote?

Assuming that doing so violates none of the school’s requirements, have your essays looked over by three people.
  • SOMEONE WHO KNOWS BUSINESS SCHOOL WELL: To assess the appropriateness of your writing. The impression it leaves must be positive!
  • SOMEONE WHO KNOWS THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE WELL: To assess the correctness of your writing. It must be stylistically and grammatically superior!
  • SOMEONE WHO KNOWS YOU WELL: To assess the personality of the writing. It must sound like you!

A professional CAT consultant can act in all three of those roles, and can provide guidance during the brainstorming, planning, and writing phases as well. But again, be aware that some schools specifically prohibit an applicant from getting any outside application help.

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