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Submitting The Application: Do’s and Don’t’s

DO take advantage of E-based applications.

There are several commercial software programs (some are on CD-ROM, some Web-based) that allow you to complete your applications right on the computer, and then either print out a camera-ready copy or simply click a button to send the application electronically. Also, many business schools have their own individual programs that facilitate electronic submission.

There is no disadvantage to using any of these electronic sources. Indeed, more and more business schools prefer them.

DON’T leave anything blank.

Schools hate it when you leave questions blank. Was it intentional or accidental? They can’t know, and it delays everything. Insert "N/A" or "none" or "/" or "see resume" rather than leave any blanks.

DO craft your list of extracurriculars, and community activities, carefully.

Listing every single club and activity you’ve ever joined may make you seem like a dilettante. Focus on the ones that have meant the most to you, the ones that demonstrate the greatest longevity and commitment. Highlight leadership opportunities whenever possible.

DON’T try to get away with a claim that you’ve been "too busy" to participate in volunteer activities.

Many business schools see that as a deal breaker. They expect that you have your life in balance, which includes being able to give Back to the community even as you pursue your full time career. If you have little or no community involvement in your background, better repair this situation as rapidly as possible!

DO proofread each application with a fine-toothed comb.

Make each application look as if it were the only one you are submitting.

That should be your standard!

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