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Before Your Interview

Review your application and essays.

Such a review is important, to fill your mind with things to talk about. And it’s absolutely essential if you’ve already submitted your application. Sure as you’re born, the interviewer will react to it and ask you to expand upon it.

Bring your resume and be ready to expand upon it, as well.

The better interviewers will ask specific questions rather than broad open-ended ones, and they know that they can learn more by asking about what you’ve done in real situations than what you’d do in hypothetical ones. Again, don’t script or over-rehearse your responses, but be confident that you can field any question.

Do some background research into the school and, if possible, the interviewer.

Such research can help you frame excellent questions – and you should ask some! – and will ingratiate you with the interviewer. You may not be able to learn the interviewer’s identity in advance, but if you can, showing that you are aware of his or her background and interests is likely to impress.


Do a dry run, with someone knowledgeable about business schools portraying your interviewer. (A CAT Admissions Consultant can fill this role nicely.)

Practice taking a breath, and thinking for a second or two, before responding to a question — especially a difficult question.

This is an old trick. Instead of bursting out with a response, take a second to collect your thoughts. You’ll gain points for your reasoned responses.

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