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During Your Interview

Be open and honest.

As with the personal essays, you’ll get creamed if you keep asking yourself "What do they want me to say?" You’ll come across as a more genuine and attractive candidate if, instead of searching for the "right" answer, you respond with the answer that is right for you.

Follow proper business decorum.

If you were going on a job interview, wouldn’t you:

  • Be on time?
  • Find out what attire was appropriate, and dress accordingly?
  • Follow up with a thank you letter?

Of course you would. Well, this is the same deal.

  • Steady eye contact.
  • Good posture.
  • Sustained positive energy.
  • No fidgeting!
Be courteous to everyone at the school.

How you treat the colleagues of the admissions committee – the support staff, receptionist, etc. – can have an impact on your admission.

Be ready for the single most often asked question.

Know what that is? Think about it, and then click Continue.


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