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NCA: National College of Arts

National College of Arts (Lahore) - Punjab (Main campus in Lahore) Master degree in Arts for admission 2022 - 2023.

M.A (Hons.) Visual Art

The program provides a theoretical and visual infrastructure that will discuss local practice and discourse within the broader contexts of South Asia and the rest of the world. The program addresses the issue of exchanges of information, and politico-historical realities that have created the hierarchies that currently exist in the world with reference to the visual arts.


Applicants must have obtained a relevant graduate degree or an equivalent qualification with visual art training. BFA, BA with Fine Art/Visual Art. B.A in Design, Architecture, Theatre, film etc.

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Download past papers of NCA for Master in Arts. All these papers are based on interviews of previous test takers.

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NCA Test pattern and Preparation

National College of Arts admission criteria includes an aptitude test for Master degree. Prepare free the test of NCA for Masters in Arts.

Test Pattern and Preparation

M.A in Multimedia Arts

Keeping in mind the necessity to meet the latest developments in IT field, NCA has initiated the Post-Graduate Centre in Multimedia Arts (PGCMA). The PGCMA will help Pakistani students come at par with prevailing international standards of Visual Arts education in the wake of phenomenal developments in information technology world over.


Graduate of NCA in disciplines of Architecture, Design, Fine Arts, Musicology, BCS (four years) or equivalent qualification from any recognized institution. BCS (two/three years) with two years multimedia experience and portfolio.
Graduate (two years) with strong computer graphics background, four year Multimedia experience and portfolio.

For detailed Eligibility Criteria.

The eligibilty criteria information is based on previous years specially 2021

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