UET - MS.c/ M.Phil and Ph.D in Engineering Past Papers Download, Previous Merit and Eligibility Criteria

UET: University of Engineering and Technology

University of Engineering and Technology (Lahore) - Punjab (Main campus in Lahore) Post Graduate degree in Engineering Sciences for admission 2018 - 2019.

MS.c and M.Phil Engineering programs

SerialDegree and Discipline
1 M.Sc Power Engineering
2 M.Sc. Electronics Engineering
3 M.Sc. Thermal Power Engineering
4 M.Sc. Mechanical Design Engineering
5 M.Sc. Production Engineering
6 M.Sc. Hydraulics & Irrigation Engineering
7 M.Sc. Soil Mechanics & Geo-Technical Engineering
8 M.Sc. Structural Engineering
9 M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
10 M.Sc. Water recourses Engineering
11 M.Sc. Hydrology
12 M.Sc. Water Management
13 M.Sc. Chemical Engineering
14 M.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering
15 M.Sc. Petroleum Engineering
16 M.Sc. Mining Engineering
17 M.Sc. Computer Science
18 M. Architecture
19 M.Sc. CRP
20 M. Phil Applied Physics
21 M. Phil Applied Chemistry
22 M. Phil Applied Maths
23 M.Sc. Control Engineering
24 M.Sc. Electronics & Telecom. Engineering
25 M.Sc Manufacturing  Engineering
26 M.Sc. Engineering Management
27 M.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering
27 PhD Mechatronics Engineering
28 M.Sc. Building Engineering
29 M.Sc. Integrated Building Design
30 M.Sc. Transportation Engineering
31 M.Sc. Computer Engineering
32 M.Sc. Polymer & Process Engineering
33 M.Sc. Geological Engineering
34 M.Sc. Product & Industrial Design
35 M.Sc Applied Physics
36 M.Sc Applied Chemistry
37 M.Sc. Applied Maths

Download Past Papers

Download past papers of UET for Post Graduate in Engineering Sciences. All these papers are based on interviews of previous test takers.

UET Test pattern and Preparation

University of Engineering and Technology admission criteria includes an aptitude test for Post Graduate degree. Prepare free the test of UET for MS.c/ M.Phil and Ph.D in Engineering.

Test Pattern and Preparation

Ph.D Engineering programs

SerialDegree and Discipline
1 Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
2 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
3 PhD Civil Engineering
4 PhD water recourses Engineering
5 PhD Hydrology
6 PhD Water Management
7 PhD Chemical Engineering
8 PhD Metallurgical Engineering
9 PhD Mining Engineering
10 PhD Petroleum Engineering
11 PhD Manufacturing  Engineering
12 PhD Engineering Management
13 PhD Computer Engineering
14 PhD Computer Science
15 PhD Applied Physics
16 PhD Applied Chemistry
17 PhD Applied Maths

For detailed Eligibility Criteria.

The eligibilty criteria information is based on previous years specially 2017