Picture Story Writing

Positive thinking, hopeful attitude and optimistic outlook are indispensable qualities for an individual who aspires to become a leader. The optimistic approach will automatically infuse self- confidence, will power, determination and perseverance into an individual. It will thus enable him to have worthwhile and cherished goals in life. He will be fired with lasting enthusiasm and keenness. He will develop courage and display an enterprising attitude, accepting risks unhesitatingly. He will be in a position to take decisions promptly without vacillation and hesitation. He will be able to enjoy the company of others and work in harmony as a member of a team. He will prove reliable and consistent when charged with responsibility. He will make steady and systematic progress no matter the obstacles. On the opposite side, negative thinking and pessimistic outlook will undo the efforts of the most intelligent and industrious individual. For one thing, pessimism knocks out self-confidence, the most important essential requisite for an individual to succeed in life.

Do not be Negative

A negative oriented individual will prove to be doubtful, suspicious timid and shaky. He will be assailed with fears, worries and disasters. He will always avoid decisions and prefer to postpone things with the hope that the problems will solve by themselves with the passage of time. He will remain aloof and unsocial, since he cannot risk himself getting involved. Such an individual will never be able to function as a leader. The projective technique employed in thematic apperception tests tries to bring out the positive or negative mental attitude of an individual. The individual unconsciously responds in a natural way to the principles of the picture story writing. Below, we analyse further illustrative stories obtained from different candidates. The picture projected to them and the stories given by 4 different candidates are given below with our expert’s comments.

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