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ISSB Story 3

To shine as a successful leader an individual needs intelligence, imagination, verbal faculty or power of expression, organizational capacity, dynamic attributes like drive, speed of decision, urge and motivation, favourabe social qualities like friendliness, cheerfulness, sense of reasonability, co-operative attribute and understanding, and finally the ability to influence others. Fortunately all these leadership characteristics can be readily and easily acquired by any keen aspirant. But the basic, fundamental requirement which serves as the very foundation for leadership and success is the positive mental attitude. The individual first should think and believe that he can succeed in life. He must view life with hope and optimism. He must have confidence in himself and faith in his abilities. On the other hand negative, anti-social, pessimistic temperament is the greatest drawback to success. Organizations, establishments,in ternational firms, Government administrative cadres, defence Forces and so on, are therefore keen to select only positive, dynamic and success- oriented individuals to fill their managerial and officer posts.

Individuals with a positive mental make-up will prove to be a great asset to any undertaking, organization, institution or co-operative endeavor. He or she will contribute towards its harmonious growth and prosperity. A defeatist, negative-oriented, pessimist on the other hand will crate tensions, mis - derstandings, friction and disharmony in the organization and eventually account for its downfall. Several tests are therefore conducted during interviews and selections, to identify the positive or negative mental attitude of the candidates and ensure the selection of the former and exclusion of the latter. The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) or story-writing technique is the most popular and effective of the tests now in vogue. Here the candidate is to observe a picture for 30 seconds to a minute and write a story revolving around the scene within five minutes. To test your own outlook please observe the picture for one minute and write a story relating to it in about five minutes. Thereafter compare your story with those written by some candidates during actual tests along with the comments of the experts. You will then know where you stand and how you should eliminate your weak points if any and make full use of your strong points.

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Perveen is a bold. tough and intelligent Forest Officer. He, faced the wild animals with cool courage and patience and such ceded in rescuing many poor victims. Once he was driving along a road frequented by wild elephants. Suddenly he saw a beautiful girl being chased by a wild elephant at a distance. The girl vas overcome by fear, fainted and fell on the center of the road. Perveen realized that unless he acted at once, the girl should he trampled by the elephant. He drove his car with terrific speed past the unconscious girl and blocked the path of the elephant with his car. Next the removed his coat, set fire to it and threw it towards the elephant. The elephant was frightened of the fire and ran into the jungle. Pervez ran back to the girl and quickly carried her to the car and drove away swiftly before the elephant could return. At some distance he saw a jeep where the anxious parents of the girl were waiting for their daughter. By now the girl Hina came out of her fainting. There was a happy reunion. The parents appreciated the courage of Pervez. Hina fell in love with Pervez and they got married.


The hero is ready to risk his ljfe in order to save as unknown victim. When faced with danger he is able to think quickly and come out with a reasonable solution to overcome the problem. The story has a positive and happy ending. The author thus reveals himself as a resourceful and imaginative individual with a high sense of responsibility. Socially he is a good mixer arid displays a sympathetic and helpful attitude. He makes good use of the opportunities presented to him. He has the urge and drive to better his lot. Selected.

In the picture we see a beautiful girl lying on the centre of the road. There is a car at a near distance in which one boy is sitting. The boy is Riaz, only son of rich parents, and senior student in the same college. Riaz was greatly attracted by the beauty of Nighat and decided to have her at any cost and by any means. Nighat did not like Riaz because of his many bad qualities. Besides she was in love with another boy, who was very gobd though quite poor. One day Riaz way laid Nighat, abducted her with the help of some bad characters and attempted to rape her in his car: Nighat struggled and fought with all her might and Riaz eventually strangled her to death. Then he abandoned her dead body on a lonely road. Just then he heard some jeep or lorry driving up. He got frightened, drove off in a mad hurry. In his agitated condition he dashed against a tree and got killed.


This story talks about a frustrated and incompetent hero and an unsuccessful heroine. We find the hero totally selfish, lacking in character and resorting to criminal acts to satisfy his Just. The heroine comes a helpless victim. She is not successful in her efforts to save her self .The hero appears to the haunted by the fear of, defeat and suffering from inferiority complex. He is not sure as to what precisely he wants and how he should go about to realize his ambition. This individual lacks stamina, determination and the positive attitude necessary for success and-leadership. Rejected

Niaz was a business man. One day he was urgently called to the next town to conclude some urgent business. He was to travel with substantial amount of money, all by himself on the deserted road. He did not also want to take others with him since he could not trust them. Ultimately he picked up some courage and decided to drive down himself in his car. While half way through he saw a beautiful girl lying on the centre of the road. Niaz was afraid to stop and investigate why she was lying there. But her beauty was too tempting. He stopped the car at some distance and came near her to have a closer look. Just then the girl got up and oried out aloud. A few armed men came rushing from nearby bushes. The girl alleged that Niaz attempted to molest her. The men threatened Niaz with dire consequences. He gave away all the money he arrived along with his visit watch and diamond ring to satisfy them. The prevent him from rushing to the police, they burnt his car. Niaz was overcome with Naveed. He did not want to return home in that condition. He fell into a river and committed suicide.


The story indicates confused thinking and defeatist attitude of the author. He is an over cautious, feeble individual lacking in confidence in himself and trust in others. We find him vacillating in his mind, unable to come to a firm decision when confronted with problems. He lacks firm judgment and allows himself to be overcome by his temptations. When faced with defeat the hero is unable to stand up and fight back but yields readily and ends his life. The candidate thus lacks dynamism confidence and courage. Not Selected.

Aziz was a smart and capable police officer. He was bold confident and devoted to his duty. One day a kidnapping case was reported to hide out with police party but could not located them. He decided to go further on the road in his car, to find further clues if any. On the way he saw the kidnapped girl lying unconscious on the road. At once he rushed to her rescue and gave her first aid. The girl Rifat then said that she managed to slip out from the dacoits but fainted on the road because of hunger and fatigue. She was afraid that the dacoits would kill her little brother as soon as they discovered her escape. Aziz therefore decided to face the dacoits single handed. Rifat led him to the secret hide out. Aziz shot and wounded them when they tried to attack him. Thus by his brave and timely act Aziz succeeded in saving two young lives.


The hero has been presented as a positive individual capable of quick decision and action. He accepts risks boldly displays initiative, tackles difficult situations with resourcefulness and succeeds in his undertakings. The candidate thus displays imagination and enterprise. He is ambitious and willing to put in hard and determined efforts to attain his chosen goal. Socially he is responsible, lively and accommodative. He is confident of his success and proceeds to take his assignment with hope and optimism.