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Success begins with an individual’s mind and it is all in a state of mind. Sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks and believes in his mind that he can. Mental outlook, mental stamina and mental resoluteness contribute to success. If an individual learns to react positively, with hope and optimism, to life’s various situations, he is bound to develop a successful personality and become a successful person. How an individual reacts to a situation depends upon what he brings into the. situation in terms of his mental mark-up, abilities, attitude, skills, desires, understanding and habits. The interaction between the individual and the situation determines his behaviour and his total personality make-up. A positive personality spells strength, co-operation, leadership and success.

A dominating personality, to yield success and prove beneficial to the organization must have positive orientation to promote collective enterprise in harmony. A strong personality negatively oriented will raise discord, strikes,conflicts and may even lead to violence and total disintegration or downfall of the organization. All employers are therefore keen to select only those endowed with a positive personality for their organization. One of the effective means to find out whether a given individual has a positive or negative personality is the TAT (The mastic Apperception Test). It is the most popular among the. Projective techniques . Here the candidate is requested to record his reactions, Under set conditions, to a vague or structured picture. in the form of a story. The subject observes the picture for a minute or less and then puts down his thoughts revolving around the scene, in the form of a story here are four stories written on the picture shown below. Time allowed to write the story is only five minutes. You can put down your own reaction in the form of a story and compare it with those written by the others. By studying the comments you can draw your own conclusion about yourself.

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Faisal, an intelligent, smart young man began his career as an advocate just a year ago. He is now getting married and we see him at the jewel shop with his wife, selecting an engagement ring for her. As he was about to select a costly diamond ring, Kamal, his wife insisted that he choose a gold ring at a nominal cost. She said that Faisal should spend all the money he could find then on building up a good law library. Later on when he becomes a famous and reputed lawyer with large income, he can buy her all the jewels in the world to his heart’s content. Faisal yielded to the sensible advice of his bride, concentrating his efforts on elevating himself as the leading lawyer of the country. With the encouragement of his wife and by tireless hard work he soon became the leading man in the legal profession. He was them able to present a fabulous diamond necklace to his wife, when they celebrated the tenth anniversary of their wedding.


A good story presented with an optimistic ending. The here has been depicted as a keen and resourceful individual who has a ambitions and will. The heroine of the story has been pictured as a sincere and unassuming person, out to help the hero. The author thus reveals moderation and sincerity in his approach. He conserves his energy and resources and puts them to advantageous use. He displays interest and also the ability to put in sustained hard work. Selected

Karmat, though quite intelligent, was rather lazy. He could secure only a third division in the final engineering examination. While all his efforts to land himself in a suitable job proved futile he decided to become a smuggler, dealing in the movement of gold and diamonds. In the picture we see him at a jewel shop with his accomplice. He is posing as a customer but really observing the place so that he can commit a robbery there. But he was not prepared for the alarm and the two ferocious Alsatians. He was caught red handed while attempting to rob the shop and was sentenced to seven year rigorous imprisonment. At the jail he made an abortive bid to escape and got shot by the sentry in the process.


In this’ story we find the hero engaging himself successfully in various anti-social activities. He is averse to hard and hones work. He is eager to make money though short cut and meets with utter failure in the process. The author displays anti social and negative characteristics. Though somewhat clear is lazy and hence can cause serious headache to the organization. With his pessimistic approach, he is not likely to improve with training. Rejected

Abid inherited a lot of money, while still a college student when his father, a banker, died in an automobile accident. An obstinate and pleasure loving individual, Abid squandered his wealth on women. Here we see him at a jewellery mart buying costly ornaments for one of his fancy girl friends. Finding girls falling easy prey to attractive jewels, he decided to set -up a jewellery shop himself. But he spent all his time away from the shop with women of easy virtue. Soon his business proved to be a terrible failure: He could not repay his debts and had to go to prison in default. The disease he acquired became worse in the prison and he died unmourned and uncared for by any one in the end.


This story reflects a careless and irresponsible attitude on the part of the author. He identifies himself with the hero who lacks imagination and self control. The hero allows himself to drift and ends up penniless and suffers .imprisonment. The author‘s approach is thus negative oriented. He appears to shun hard work and balanced approach in sorting out his problems.An individual who cannot be relied upon. Not recommended.

Aslam, a well built, strong muscled and intelligent young man, has joined the police force, as a detective inspector. He was bold and imaginative and volunteered for the difficult risky assignment of catching the gang engaged in smuggling of diamonds and gold. After studying the situation and analyzing the case history he decided to concentrate on a big jewellery shop in the city. One day he saw a well armed, beautiful young lady alighting from a posh, huge imported car and walking into the jewel shop with a majestic approach. Aslam followed her inside the shop unobtrusively. He saw the lady removing a shining necklace from her shapely white neck and handing it over to the owner. Saying that it did not suit her and she preferred another design. She spent some time Iooking at other pieces shown to her and finally chose the one offered by the owner. Aslam saw that the one she returned was a necklace made of real diamonds and the one she now selected was a mere imitation. When he attempted to question the lady, the thugs in the shop attacked him. Aslam who was an adept in karate had no problem in tackling them, as well as the lady who brought out a revolver from her hand bag. He succeeded in arresting the culprits and smashing the gang.


In tins story we find the hero bold and enterprising. He displays commendable initiative and seizes the opportunities with pluck and determination. His reaction is quick and approach through. He is ready to cope up with unexpected situations in a cool and confident manner. The author’s approach is optimistic and self-assumed. He faces issues in a competent and capable manner. He is willing to take risk and make full use of his mental and physical gifts.A dependable individual who will deliver the goods. selected.

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