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The different stories on the very same scene or picture, indicate the secret of personality buildup. Each individual views a thing from his own individual point of view. His reactions to a given stimulus enable us to find out the nature of his personality. You become a positive or negative personality, strong or weak person, positive or negative individual, by the way you react to situations and persons. If you take hold of yourself, train yourself to react in a positive manner and make it a point to think opIimis1ically it will become a habit with you. You can thus develop yourself into a positive and successful person.

Be Positive and Win Always

Make it then your habit to think positively. Let it be your goal to become a habitual positive thinker. Every thought that springs in your mind be labeled as positive or negative.’ A positive thought which is hopeful, confident, courageous and expectant. It has purpose potential and tremendous power force. It negative thought on the other hand is filled with doubt, worry and expectancy of ill. You will be a positive or negative thinker according to the kind of thoughts you think during the lay. Positive thoughts become the creative force to develop a strong, successful personality. Ali negative thoughts and actions. This bright,cheerful and confident. Smile, think and believe firry that you can and will win. You will certainly Succeed to Lead. Personality. Ali negative thoughts and actions. This bright, cheerful and confident. Smile, think and believe firry that you can and will win. You will certainly Succeed to Lead.

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This candidate is intelligent and proves to be quick on the uptake. He expresses himself well and presents his ideas with clarity and conviction. He thinks coherently and on logical lines. His grasp is quick and sound. He takes positive steps to enhance his knowledge. Backed by his resourcefulness, he acts swiftly and confidently. He displays dash and enterprising outlook. He accepts risks without hesitation and shows readiness to face physical hazards in a bold manner. He is industrious and works in a systematic and planned manner. He does not give up in the face of difficulties but persists with patience and determination. Socially, he is warm, friendly, flexible and co-operative. He is ready to should responsibility and make sacrifices on behalf of his friends. He is able to influence others and establish himself as a leader. He likes team work and with his sympathetic and helpful attitude he is able to win over others to his side, secure their loyalty and bind the team together. Mentally, he displays a positive and optimistic out look He is confident of victory and makes a beginning in a cheerful and happy frame of mind. He is full of hopes and his faith in the ultimate success persists throughout. This candidate is strongly recommended for selection.

This candidate is weak, mild and mentally backward. He lacks self-confidence and feels insecure. He has a tendency to get confused even in straight-forward cases. He does not have the facility or imagination to think of a solution of practical problems. ln fact, he is frightened to face any problems by himself. His ambitions are mere visions or simple day dreams. He is neither firm nor definite in pursuit. In dealing with others, he is selfish and inconsiderate. He does not show any tact or sympathy to the feelings of others. He tries to tackle a task without proper planning and organization. His efforts are half-hearted and weak. He has neither dash nor drive to impress others. Even as a follower he cannot accomplish anything useful by himself. Finally, he suffers from certain serious anti-social qualities. He labours under guilty complex and wants to have benefits without any efforts on his part. His thinking is completely negative and pessimistic. He imagines himself to be a failure and tries to win over the sympathy of others by undermining his position further and further n the eyes of others. When faced with realities, he tries to escape from the scene by resorting today dreaming .Since this individual has neither imagination nor diligence, and as he is utterly dependent on others for guidance he, cannot rna1e a good executive. He is not recommended.

The overall picture that emerges here is that of an individual who is pretty much limited in his mental level and whose outlook on life is predominantly negative oriented. He is -not gifted with a temperament to undertake strenuous assignments with patience and perseverance. He has a marked averseness towards -physical exertion and hard work. On the other hand, he is prone to indulging in idle day-dreams, imagining all types of short-cuts to distinotion. Socially rigid, reserved and mild, he proves to be a jo1r mixer. There is no spontaneity or warmth in his dealings with others. Dynamically, he is slow to react and lacks self-confidence and enterprise. He cannot come to a decision and doubts assails mind throughout. He hesitates to make even a start since he fears that the outcome will not be in his favour. He is practically devoid of optimism and invents excuses for his failures even before starting a• work or project.

Poor in ideas as well as expression he is unable to put across his views in a coherent and convincing manner. He believes in threats and punishments to get the work done in a team. He does not have the capacity to influence others in a democratic manner. Hence he is not useful for team work either as a worker or as a leader. Mostly he is selfish and proves to be indifferent to the feelings of others.

When faced with difficulties he gives up and runs away at the earliest opportunity. He does not have the courage and determination to face life boldly and realistically. Training and coaching, will not benefit him as his defects are inherent and deep rooted. He lacks motivation, zeal and interest to make a career for himself, as also the stamina and temperament for hard work. What is more, he is gloomy, cold and reticent. Therefore, he will prove to be a great liability rather than an asset to any organization. This unenterprising and dull individual is therefore rejected.

This candidate displays brilliant mental make-up backed by rare organizational, dynamic and motivating qualities. He exhibits knowledge in width and depth to an appreciable extent. There is great urge keenness and interest on his part to progress in life. His ideas are clear and he is able to think, plan and put forward his views in a logical, rational and convincing manner. He presnts his arguments wild enthusiasm, conviction and great force . He has an ever for the details and his planning is sound and well throughout. With an analytical mind, he probes a problem step by step and grasp the essentials with case and speed. In finding answers, he proves to be extremely resourceful and his answers are invariably practical apt and realistic. In the social field he shines with equal facility. He feels completely at home in the company of strangers and adjusts himself to new environments readily and enthusiastically. In dealing with others he is warm, cordial, considerate, helpful accommodative and very cooperative. He shoulders responsibilities cheerfully and voluntarily.

One sees him displaying initiative to take on more and greater responsibilities. Energetic and active, when called upon to take a decision, he never hesitates but straightaway makes up his mind with alertness and precision. He has wonderful stamina to withstand stress of any magnitude. In tackling difficult assignments he displays patience and perseverance to a remarkable degree. One finds him holding on tenaciously to his task till the tide turns in his favour. In the role of a leader and co-ordinate we see him at his best. He is able to win the loyalty and affection of others in a magical fashion. With his self-confidence, positive outlook, personal example and forceful persuasion, he is able to motivate others and bring out the best in them. In brief, in whatever he says or does, he breathes optimism and spells success. Strongly and Specially Recommended.

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