Illustration for Self Story

I was born on April 4, 1994 at Lahore. As my father, a gazetted officer in the Central Government was subject to Frequent transfers, at the age of nine I was sent to the Boarding School at Lahore. This proved to be an important turning point in my life. I made many friends at the Public school and learnt to lead a self-dependent life. The discipline and training imparted by the school have enable me to face the problems of life with courage and confidence. During the last year in the school; I became the captain of the school football team and the memorable day of my life came when the football championship was won by our school. A senior Army Officer, who presided over the finals and distributed the Trophy and the prizes made a deep impression on me. It is then that I made up my mind to join the Army. Perhaps due to this very incident, i am here today.

What my best friend will say

My best friend will say that I am one of the very popular boys in the college and in our circle of friends. As regards studies, he will say that I am above average and as regards sports activities, as one of the best three in the college. Regarding my personality he will say that I am a very lively and pleasant person, who always makes an impact with whomsoever he comes into contact. Lastly, he will say that I do not have any bad habits.

WWhat my worst enemy will say

This is rather difficult for me to write, as I do not have anyone whom I could consider as my worst enemy. Assuming there is one, he might say that I am a bit dominating and over-confident. He may add that I have no strict standards as I readily make friends with everyone. He may consider me a miser because I am careful as to how and when I should spend my money.

Why I want to join the Army

When our school team won the football championship-the trophy was awarded to me as the captain of the team by a senior Army Officer who made a strong impression on me. Then I learnt that the Army affords excellent opportunities to lead a thrilling and adventurous life. One will also have fine prospects to visit places, to make many friends and to play a variety of games. Lastly, in the present context, when our country has to protect its frontiers against external aggression, it is my duty to join the Army and render active service to my motherland.

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