Register for SAT in Pakistan

Registering Online

This is The simplest and quickest way to register while in Pakistan. You need to complete a registration form online. You'll have to pay online through a credit card. Once you’ve registered and paid administration fee, you’ll be informed of the test date, time and location.

Registering by mail

You must register by mail if you need to:

  • Pay by bank draft in the name of The College Board.
  • You are younger than 13 years.
  • Register with a request for accommodations through services for students with disabilities.

The easiest and low cost method in Pakistan is payment through Credit Card.

When mailing your forms, use the labels provided with the registration forms. Your completed registration form must be returned in the envelope provided with proper payment.

Standby Registration

If you are not registered, you may still be able to take the SAT on test day. Follow these steps:

  • BEFORE test day, pick up a Registration Form at your school or test center and fill it out.
  • Bring the completed form with payment of all fees, including the standby fee, to the test center on test day.
  • You must submit a completed Registration Form at the test center with full payment enclosed on the test day, or you won't receive scores.
  • Arrive no later than 7:30 a.m.

REMEMBER: Standby testing is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and standbys are only adjusted if there is sufficient space and test material.

Register SAT Online

SAT Test Fee

SAT with EssayUS $54.50

The College Board makes fee waivers available for low income students. Additional fees apply for late registration, standby testing, registration changes, scores by telephone, and extra score reports (beyond the four provided for free).

In Pakistan a large number of students are found on standby testing. So you must apply in time. Standby option is not a good idea for Pakistani applicants.

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