ISSB Group Planning Tasks

Group planning Exercise is an indoor task like the Group Discussion. It deals with certain problems posed in a specific situation. It is also a leaderless group task. Here a particular situation involving some problems is presented to the candidates with the help of a sand-model or a sketch map. A copy of the narrative describing the situation is giving to each candidate The G 1 0. Will read Out the narrative and explain the situation with the help of the sand-model or sketch map. Thereafter the following tasks will be assigned to the students:

  • Each student is to write on a piece of paper his individual solution to the problem or problems involved in the situation. The time allotted for this purpose in usually 10 minutes. The written solution can be either in narrative form or in enumerated form.
  • After the written work is over, the candidates as a group are to discuss the situation and the problems. Thereafter they should arrive at a group plan. If the group is not unanimous in deciding the solution. The plan acceptable to the majority of the members is to he presented as the group’s plan. Any one candidate will be asked to get up and outline the group’s plan to the G.T.O. The time allotted for the purpose is approximately 20 minutes.
  • After the group plan has the been presented. The others may be asked to offer their comments or major difference if any. to the group plan.


This task, being a leadership group exercise, provides the opportunity for the natural leader to establish himself. All factors relevant to Group Discussion and discussed in the earlier chapter are also applicable to this exercise. Besides the power of expression and the ability to convince others. this exercise also tests the problem solving ability of the candidate. The written work of is candidate will be compared with his subsequent performance hen the group plan is discussed and finalized. The G.T.0. will observe whether the candidate has understood the situation. discerned the problem or problems and has been able to think of a workable solution within the given time. Incidentally. It will also be seen whether the candidate willingly gives up his inferior plan to a better one put forward by some other candidate. It would also help to find out whether the candidate is able to sell to the group his superior individual plan in place of an inferior one.


The Group Planning Exercise will commence immediately after the Group Discussion. The main difference between the two is that the candidates are required to come to a definite conclusion in the Planning exercise. The G.T.O. will red out the narrative and explain the situation to the candidates with the help of the sand model or sketch map. The model or the map will contain the scale, legend etc. The G.T.O. will also answer the queries raised by the candidates. He will not, however, disclose the exact problem or problems. Then the candidates will be asked to write down their individual solutions on the paper provided for the purpose. The candidates are to write their chest numbers on top of their paper. While writing the individual solutions, the candidates are not allowed to consult each other. The time allotted for the written work is approximately 10 minutes.

As soon as the time is over, the answer papers will he handed over to the G.T.O. Thereafter, the candidates will be asked to discuss the situation and problems, with a view to arrive at a group solution or plan. Every candidate is allowed to express his views freely on the matter. If all the candidates are not unanitrous in their choice of the group plan, then the one which is acceptable to most of them will be treated as the group plan. One of the candidate will then get up and present the plan to the G.T.O. The spokesman is to be selected b y the group itself.

After the Group Plan has been presented, the G.T.O. may ask the other candidates to offer their comments or criticisms or suggestions, if any, to modify or improve the plan. The time allotted for discussion and presentation of group plan is approximately 20 minutes.

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