Study in Turkey

Turkey is Just as an international university student in Turkey you will find the possibility to experience both the modernity along with tradition in one of several safest and quite a few stable countries in the world. Some Turkish Schools has English as teaching language and some will provide you with the opportunity to find out Turkish. First and foremost, the excellence of education could make you over ready for the future from any location.

Turkish Education

Turkish Educational system comprised of two main components:

  • Formal Education: It is based on school system including higher education.
  • Non- Formal Education: It includes all the activities organized outside or alongside the school

Visa to Turkey

A student visa is needed to be registered as a student throughout Turkey. Exceptions are people who are legal dependents including someone diplomat. Students who visit Turkey with no student visa are not able to join up as students nor is certain to get residence.


How do I get a student visa?

Student visas must be obtained from a Turkish Consulate, generally the one nearest your place of residence. You cannot enter Turkey without a valid Visa. Specially student visas cannot be obtained within Turkey. You must take, or mail, a copy of your "Letter of Acceptance" from Turkish institution and a completed visa application form to the Turkish Consulate. They will provide you an application form upon request.

Time Required

It takes about 60 days from the time you submit your application until you receive your visa. The visa will be stamped in your passport. When you receive your visa you must check to see that it is a "student visa". However; dependent on nationality of applicant. Minimum of 1 day but some applications may be referred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara which may take much longer.

Acceptance of Application?

The Registrar’s Office sends a Letter of Acceptance, in English, to applicants who have been accepted to Turkish University or College.

Validity of Turkish Student Visa

Your passport bears a stamp showing your visa expiry date. Although a time limit will be stamped on your visa, the student visa will be valid as long as you are stayed enrolled in school.

Residence Permit

All international students within Turkey, no matter the status, should register along with, and acquire, a residence Permit. You may be required anytime to display your Residence Permit. Turkish university or college additionally requires that you simply give the photocopy from the first 7 pages of the Residence Permit.

Students must get registration within one month after his entry into Turkey.

When you have all the following documents, you will submit them, including your passport, to the Bureau of Foreign Residence Registration. You will be given a receipt indicating the date you can pick up your passport and residence permit booklet. It usually takes two to three days. You must pick up your own documents.

How long is the Residence Permit valid and how are they extended?

Students enrolled in a degree program at Turkish university are usually given residence permits that are valid for one year. Exceptions are students enrolled in their final semester. You may be given an extension only for the time to cover the semester.

Special Students

Special students and exchange students are given residence permits for the period of time they will be studying at Turkey as indicated on the student visa. If the Student Visa states the student will be coming for six months, then the residence permit will be for 6 month. Such students can extend their residence permit if they extend their enrollment in Turkish university.

Residence permits are extended by providing all the above documents with the exception you will need only two photographs and one copy of application form. Please note, you must submit a student’s certificate to renew your residence permit and student’s certificates can be issued only after you have registered at the university.