Visa and Immigration to Cyprus

International students from non EU countries are not permitted to work of any kind part time or full time during their stay for studies. However; Cyprus allows part time work during some specified courses during summer holidays.

Compulsory Requirement for:

Student of some countries must require a student visa foe studying in Cyprus. These countries include China, India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh. The student must contact regional embassy of Cyprus to apply for a student visa.

Visa Application Requirements

A student will need to apply for a student visa to the Cyprus embassy in his country during any working time. The embassy officials call for interview. Following documents are checked and verified during interview, so a syudent must bring:

  1. Original and attested copies of academic record - certificates and degrees.
  2. Original and copy bank statement from the sponsor's bank (in English) confirming that the sponsor (mother or father) has sufficient funds to finance the student's fees and living expenses in Cyprus.
  3. Original letter and copy of certificate of good conduct (in English) from the police authorities in the student's country of residence indicating clear criminal record.
  4. Valid passport and copy of relevant pages.
  5. Acceptance letter from Cyprus College.
  6. Copy of entry permit/acceptance letter sent by Cyprus institute.
  7. The receipts indicating payments (fee) to Cyprus institute.
  8. Visa fee upon issuance of a student visa (The exact cost needs to be verified from the Embassy or Consulate)

For successful applicants the Embassy will attest the certified copies of the above documents.

Class attendance is compulsory and is based upon the course work and disciplines of study approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

If you intends to work in Cyprus, you need issuance of an work permit by the Civil Archive and Migration Office where as no visa is required in order to travel to Cyprus as visitor.

The foreign student permitted to invite his/her friends and relatives from their home country to Cyprus as guests provided he/she has a a bank deposit of 300 Cyprus Pound per invited person.


The visa procedure takes about one month that's why it is necessary to apply at least 2-3 months before the expected date of enrollment.