Lesson: Chapter - 8

Evolution and Diversity

The biologist Theodosius Dobszhansky once said, “Nothing in biology makes any sense except in the light of evolution.” Now, old Theodosius never had to take Biology test, but if he had, he probably would have been quite pleased about the many questions the Test asks about evolution and the diversity of species.

Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection

But there is good news: evolution is not such a difficult concept. In fact, its beauty is that it is such an elegant, simple theory. And getting a handle on the classification of the species is largely a matter of memorization. The theory of Evolution and Natural Selection provide a framework in which to view the diversity of life.

Evolution and Diversity

The biologic record of the planet is equally important for reconstructing the history of life. The second major topic that the course pursues is the biologic processes that help explain the diversity of life on the planet.

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