PU: University of the Punjab MBA Programmes

University of the Punjab (Lahore) - Punjab (Main campus in Lahore) Master degree in Management Sciences for admission 2016 - 2017.


Punjab University management masters program is aimed at higher-caliber under graduate students who are both academically able and exhibit strong managerial potential.

PU Test Preparation

University of the Punjab admission criteria includes an aptitude test for Master degree. Prepare free the test of PU for MBA Programmes

Test Preparation

MBA Courses

  1. MBA (1 1/2 Year)
  2. MBA (Evening)
  3. MBIT (Direct) (Morning and Evening)
  4. MBA Double Specialization
  5. Masters in Human Resource Management (Morning)
  6. Masters in Human Resource Management (Afternoon)
  7. Masters in Human Resource Management (Evening)
  8. Master of Public Administration (Morning)
  9. Master of Public Administration (Afternoon)
  10. Master of Public Administration (Evening)
  11. Masters in Health Administration
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