How to Practice for the NTS GAT

If you are here, you most probably want to know more about GAT test practice. Before we begin with 'how to', we must understand 'why'.

Why is NTS GAT practice important?

Is your GAT score important to you? If it is, then you definitely need NTS GAT practice. You cannot beat the tough competition by just showing up on the exam day. If you want to enter the best university, you need to have a great GAT score. And since the competition is increasing day by day, with most people taking special classes and professional help, you need some practice to come close to them, and a lot of practice to beat their score. And since most good universities take students who score 60+, professional help is definitely important.

Where to find NTS GAT tests?

This site contains 10 grand tests along with separate topic MCQs and lessons.

Make your practice timed

This is a very important aspect, and though it is mostly common sense, most students overlook this part. They do practice a lot, but they do not time their sessions. As a result, they don't know the exact time they took for a question, and they might get short on time while attempting the exam in real. If you answer most of your GAT practice questions correctly, but it takes you up to three minutes to do so, you are not doing well. You simply can't afford three minutes for one question.

To get used to timed practice, you can take a stop watch or a regular alarm clock to time your practice session. If you try GAT online practice tests through The CAT Online , your tests will be timed already and even when you get an option to select a timed or untimed mode for your test, you should go for timed. This will help you understand how the real test will be conducted and will get you used to the time pressure.

Analyze your mistakes

So you have finished the GAT practice test and you have seen your score. But did you go through the answers to the questions you got wrong? Make sure you do that because it will help you learn from your mistakes. If you make a lot of mistakes in any specific type of questions during your NTS GAT practice sessions, make sure you practice them well. In fact, it's often a good idea to look through the explanations of the questions you got right, as there might be a faster and easier solution that will save you time in future.

Getting high GAT score is not difficult if you prepare well for it. What you need is a lot of practice and persistence. There are many students who practice NTS GAT questions and soon realize that they can't do it. They give up too soon, thinking that NTS GAT is not their cup of tea. If you want to clear the NTS GAT test, you need persistence along with practice. Take as many NTS GAT practice tests as you can to improve your score.

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