Business and Engineering Students

NTS GAT A is specially designed for the applicants who have a qualification in Business or Management sciences or in Engineering. The basic structure of the test remains the same i.e., the topic covered in the test are the same as in the other GAT tests. The only difference is the number of question in each section.

Merit Patterns on the basis of GAT A

The merit in Business and Engineering is normally high. It is observed that score 60 in GAT A is quite normal in these fields.

Structure and Lessons

Test Part Section No of Questions
Quantitative Reasoning Word Problems 33 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning English Correction 7 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning Reading Comprehension 7 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning Analogies 6 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning Antonyms 5 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning Synonyms 5 Lessons
Verbal Reasoning Fill in The Blanks 5 Lessons
Analytical Reasoning Logical Reasoning 5 Lessons
Analytical Reasoning Analytical Reasoning 25 Lessons
Quantitative Reasoning Geometry 2 Lessons

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