Strategies for SAT II Chemistry

A machine, not a person, will score your SAT II Chemistry Test. The tabulating machine sees only the filled-in ovals on your answer sheet and does not care how you came to these answers; it just impassively notes whether your answers are correct. So whether you knew the correct answer right away or just took a lucky guess, the machine will award you one point. It doesn’t award points if you managed to get a tricky question right. Think of this scoring system as a message to you from ETS: “We care only about your answers, not any of the thought behind them.”

Never keep you away from basic concepts of chemistry you have learnt during college studies. Basic concepts are required in every subject test.

So you should give ETS right answers, as many as possible, using whatever means possible. The SAT II Chemistry Test not only allows you to show off your knowledge of Chemistry, it gives you the opportunity to show off your foxlike cunning by figuring out what strategies will allow you to best display that knowledge.

There are some rules of strategy that apply to all SAT II tests. These rules are so obvious, we hesitate to even call them “strategies,” but we’re going to list them once, just to make sure that you’ve though about them.

Subject is Subject

SAT II subject are subject test, so treat them as the subjects you have learnt in your courses at college. The only difference is practicing the MCQs. You must do a lot of similar to SAT questions.

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