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This module will show you how to get rid of many of the physical and psychological barriers that would otherwise impede you from doing your very best. It will introduce you to concrete techniques for managing the most common sources of test stress—techniques that you'll need to learn, apply, and practice.


Are you under Stress

Whether you're highly stressed-out about your exam, basically confident but curious to pick up a few pointers, or somewhere in between, you're about to be presented with concrete ideas—real techniques, not theoretical blather—that you can utilize to make the test day experience easier, more rewarding, and more profitable.

We'd also recommend that you come back to this Module with 10 -14 days remaining prior to your exam. Looking over this module a second time, as the exam looms, can have a powerful restorative effect on the final days of your preparation.

Have fun, have faith (in yourself and in us)—and good luck!

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