Getting In Shape

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Let your body work for you.

Persuade Yourself

In this day and age, do we really need to persuade you that if you're in better physical shape, you'll be in better mental shape for the exam? You may already know that sedentary people get less oxygen in the bloodstream. That in turn means less oxygen to the brain, which in turn means problems for focus and stamina. Take advantage of the body's amazing ability to renew itself through even the simplest physical activity.



If you belong to a gym, start going again regularly. If you don't belong to a gym, at least get up from your chair and onto your feet every day: Walk briskly, jog, play hoops or tennis.

If you get frustrated, don't beat yourself up at your desk. Instead, smack a handball against a wall until you feel better, and then go back to hitting the books.


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