Rally The Troops

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Get a cheering section.

Be sure that the people around you aren't pulling down your confidence and enthusiasm. When you're prepping for an exam, you may not be aware of how loved ones can get in the way, however innocently and unwittingly. Constant reminders of what you need to do ("Get to bed early! Turn off that TV!") and anxious questions about the result ("Are you going to get the score you need?") can serve to throw you off and undercut your confidence.

And by the way, the influence isn't always innocent or well-meant. A friend or significant-other who has already aced the exam in question may think that s/he is being supportive. But kidding or dismissive comments made at your expense may actually be coming from an unconscious rivalry, and may be eating away at your confidence like termites eating away at the floorboards.

You are the Best

No one's performance was ever damaged by people's saying "You're the best!" day after day. But plenty of opportunities for success were foiled by people's negativity.


Consider whether anyone you know is needling you, or getting on your case, about your forthcoming exam.

If so, politely but firmly inform friend, family, and foe alike that you need to marshal all your concentration on getting ready for test day. Ask them to help you get your mind off the test whenever possible. Otherwise, they should be enthusiastic and positive, without exception.

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