Isometric Relief

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A Classic Stress Reducer.


Here's a classic isometric exercise that invigorates the entire body. It can be done whenever you get stressed out, just before the test begins, and even during the test if need be.

Make sure to breathe normally throughout this activity, and to gradually tense every muscle.

Follow the Sequencing

  1. Squeeze your nose and mouth together so that the whole face is scrunched up.
  2. Pull chin into chest.
  3. Pull shoulders together.
  4. Tighten arms to body, then put hands into tight fists.
  5. Pull in your stomach.
  6. Squeeze thighs and buttocks together.
  7. Tighten calves.
  8. Stretch feet, then finally toes.

At this point, every muscle is simultaneously tightened.

Now start relaxing each body part, one at a time, in reverse order; relax your toes, then feet, then calves, etc. until you finally open your eyes.

Don't rush any of this—the entire process could take as long as five minutes from start to finish.


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