Quantitative Comparison Lessons and MCQs

Quantitative Comparison questions require much less calculation than standard problem solving. You should not take more than one minute for each problem. Do not do unnecessary calculations: compare rather than calculate.

Problem Solving First

Important is that you should take basic arithmetic lessons along with the advanced problem solving prior to take lessons on Quantitative Comparison Section. All the concepts used in this section are actually the extension of Problem Solving section of the test.
Similarly, the strategies for Quantitative Comparison are based on the basics of problem solving.

For taking lesson, follow the steps

Step 1: Basic Arithmetic

Before you take quantitative Comparison lessons, you must revise basic quantitative i.e, Arithmetic , Algebra, and Geometry.

Step 2: Quantitative Comparison

Here you'll find a series of Quantitative Comparison lessons (where you compare two quantities and decide which, if either, is greater).
NOTE: On the actual exam, each Quantitative Reasoning section will include several questions in this format. They'll be mixed with multiple-choice and Numeric Entry questions.

Practice Questions

Practicing the section similar question brings good score. At the end of each lesson you'll find a comprehensive set of practice questions.

Video Lessons and 10 Fully Explained Grand Tests

Large number of solved practice MCQ with explanations. Video Lessons and 10 Fully explained Grand/Full Tests.