Sentence Completion Lessons with Download Sample MCQs

Sentence completion section has a significant role in the verbal section of the test. It tests the ability of a student to logically connect the different parts of a sentence. It also tests the student's grammar skills and use of language. A sentence is the basis of a language. It is the means of communicating ideas and thoughts effectively. Thus, sentence completion questions are also basic to test the knowledge of the language of a student. Moreover, they test the reasoning abilities of a student to come to a conclusion. Hence, for an over all evaluation, sentence completion is very important.

For taking lesson, follow the steps

Step 1: Vocabulary

The exam tests the vocabulary of a student very efficiently. The questions are designed to measure the depth of a student's vocabulary. Along with the vocabulary, the reasoning abilities and alertness of a student is also put to test.
In order to increase one's vocabulary, it is advised that the student reads a lot on a daily basis and makes an effort to learn the difficult words. Not only should you learn these words, you should look up for their opposites as well.

Step 2: Sentence Completion

In sentence completion, a sentence is given with a few blanks that make it incomplete. This sentence is followed by options that contain the probable answers to the blanks. The answer option that makes the sentence most logical and grammatically correct is the best answer option. Generally, there are more than one blank in the sentence. However, the number of blanks is not fixed.

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