FMH - MBBS Past Papers Download, Previous Merit and Eligibility Criteria

FMH: FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry

FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry (Lahore) - Punjab (Main campus in Lahore) Under Graduate degree in Medical Sciences for admission 2024 - 2025.

FMH - Admission in MBBS

FMH is dedicated to women education in the field of medical and allied sciences. Admission in MBBS class is based on merit. The major factor of which is entrytest. The admission process of the college has evolved over the years to become fully transparent. The candidates selected will have the satisfaction of being the best and the institution will ensure that their potential is fully realized in their training.

Download Similar to Past Papers Sample Papers

Download sample papers of FMH for Under Graduate in Medical Sciences. All these papers are based on interviews of previous test takers.

FMH Test pattern and Preparation

FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry admission criteria includes an aptitude test for Under Graduate degree. Prepare free the test of FMH for MBBS.

Test Pattern and Preparation


The entrytest required for the admission in FMH is the combined entrytest administered by UHS. MCAT is the test required for admission to any medical college/university in Punjab.

For detailed Eligibility Criteria.

The eligibility criteria information is based on previous years specially 2023