PAF - Cadet Wing

The most distinguishing feature of a fighting force is high standard of physical fitness, discipline and leadership qualities of its individuals. To achieve this objective, PAF strives not only to impart professional/academic knowledge but also to inculcate these qualities in its future commanders. At the PAF Academy Risalpur, the Cadets’ Wing is entrusted with the most important job of developing personal qualities of officers like integrity, courage, determination, initiative and patriotism through elaborate program me of character-building. Here, the command and leadership qualities of cadets are brought into sharp focus and assessed in each individual. Debates, drama and public speaking are encouraged.

Para jumping, skiing, techniques of jungle, desert, sea and snow survival are some of the activities to which every cadet looks forward. The subjects in the purview of the Cadets Wing are:

  • Air Operations
  • Character-Building
  • Leadership
  • Military Drill
  • Use of Small Arms
  • Field Craft (Camping-Visits, etc.)
  • Physical Exercises
  • Sports Activities

Cadets’ Mess

Cadets’ Mess is the living accommodation of all the cadets of PAF Academy. It is a grand complex, which is designed to provide facilities of messing, accommodation, recreation and social activities. when a cadet reports at the College, he is provided a dormitory, which he shares with three of his course mates. As he progresses and becomes senior, he moves to a twin-bedded/independent room where he stays for the remaining period of his training. All possible measures are taken to provide a balanced diet to the cadets so that they maintain good health during their training period. The affairs of the cadets mess are entirely managed and controlled by the officers of the Cadets’ Wing.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Sports

The cadets are provided with adequate facilities to pursue games and sports of their choice. Fields and courts for the following games are available:

  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Athletics
  • Riding
  • Golf
  • Fencing
  • Cricket

Officers and trained instructors supervise the cadets’ sports activities. Bi-annual Inter-Squadron Competitions are held in different games. Cadets show great zeal and fervor to win trophies for the prestige of their respective squadrons. The squadron excelling in games and sports is awarded the championship trophy. An Academic Trophy is also awarded to the squadron achieving best academic results. All such activities are aimed to engender healthy competition and inculcate esprit de corps among squadron members.

Besides outdoor games, a number of facilities and clubs for indoor activities (like Body-building, Table-tennis, Billiards, Chess, Drama) are also available in the Mess. Additionally, the Academy also provides ample opportunities to inculcate and develop the personal hobbies of cadets. A well-equipped Hobbies Club is housed in an independent building and provides the facilities of painting, aeromodelling, photography, electronic model designing, wood works and music.

Literary Activities

After Dinner Literary Activity (ADLA) is a regular feature of cadets training. It aims at developing the art of public speaking in the cadets. Apart from ADLA sessions, debates, declamation contests and other similar literary activities are also regularly held to develop intellectual pursuits and broaden the outlook of the cadets. To increase the general awareness of the cadets, guest speakers of high repute are invited to speak on the subjects of their specialization.

Educational Visits

Educational visits to industrial enterprises, technical institutes and civil organizations are regularly scheduled in the curriculum of CFT/CAE. The purpose of these visits is to familiarize the aviation cadets with scientific and engineering techniques and to give them an appreciation of the kind of technical work done in Pakistan.

Student Counseling

A tutor is appointed from the Faculty for each Aviation Cadet of CFT/CAE. He is the local guardian and academic counselor of a cadet. He meets the cadet frequently to discuss his academic performance as well as help solve his personal difficulties and problems.