Medical Sciences MBBS and BDS

Medical is definitely an age-old occupation. But it's charm never diminished. In Pakistan additionally the physicians receive huge respect for his or her service towards the community. Moreover students who are able to successfully their healthcare education from the recognized medical college within Pakistan know of using a secured work throughout their own life. As the number of students aspiring to have an MBBS or even BDS degree is extremely high, obtaining a seat in a medical university in Pakistan isn't always simple.

Medical Colleges

The MBBS study course in Pakistan can be of a few years time frame, the BDS study course is involving four several years duration. Moreover one can possibly also do master's degree and research in many medical educational institutions of Pakistan. So as to cater on the growing require of experts, the govt has build medical colleges in various parts of Pakistan. From 1970s they have also commenced encouraging formation involving private health care colleges throughout Pakistan. You'll find at present over 38 medical colleges in public sector plus much more than 50 medical colleges throughout private sector bringing about many recognized medical colleges throughout Pakistan. However there can be some other medical educational institutions in Pakistan, that happen to be waiting recognition.

Medical and Dental Colleges in Pakistan

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC)

Admission in Medical is highly competitive in Pakistan. The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) is the statutory autonomous organization that is responsible for marinating standard of medical education in Pakistan. The PMDC also lays down the minimum qualification for the appointment of teachers in various medical colleges of Pakistan. For admission to a medical college of the public sector, the provincial government conducts an entry test. The performance of the candidates in the entry test would carry 50% weight age, the performance at the Intermediate level would carry 40% weight age and performance at the Metric level would carry 10% weight age. However, private sector medical colleges in Pakistan may conduct their own entry test.

Admission in Recognized Colleges and Universities

College in accordance with the admission criteria lay down by the Council and according to the seat allocation of the institution, shall be registered by PMDC as medical/dental students. PMDC has allocated seats to each of the above medical/dental institution which can be checked on website i.e. www.pmdc.org.pk . Students admitted over and above the allocated seats would not be registered as a student by PMDC. Any graduate of any college who was not registered as student by PMDC (shall not be registered as Registered Medical/Dental Practitioner). It is informed that PMDC has lifted the bar of age but students with less than 60% marks in FSc and equivalent are not eligible for medical or dental education. All decisions and regulations of PMDC are binding on every medical/dental student and institution.