Experts Discuss How to Prepare for NTS GAT

Video Lesson on Experts Discuss How to Prepare for NTS GAT

Knowing how to study for the NTS GAT and what to expect from the exam can help students get a competitive score. Exam experts offer the following advice on how to excel at the widely used business school admissions test.

Choose study materials wisely

Potential NTS GAT takers often make the mistake of buying every preparation book available, says Muhammad Idrees, an author of multiple NTS GAT preparation books. This approach could lead to an overwhelming amount of resources.

They would take two years just to get through all of the material," he says.

And because so much free material is available and shared through online forums, he says, it's easy for test-takers to end up with material that isn't NTS GAT-specific.

He encourages students to go with study materials from trusted brand name companies such as Dogar Brothers. One or two good books will give you the preparation you need, Idrees says.

Create a study plan

Learning how to answer the various questions asked on the GAT takes time, experts say. Test-takers should be mindful of how long they'll need to study.

Prospective students may need anywhere from six weeks to three months, Idrees says. If you choose to do the former, “You need to be practicing pretty much every day, and you have to have a decent familiarity with the math," he says. People starting from square one with math preparation, which includes brushing up on algebra and geometry, should plan to spend two-and-a-half to three months preparing, he says.

Test-takers should also be aware of how much time they should set aside during each study session. A session should last about 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Studying for the NTS GAT is kind of like practicing an instrument or learning how to play a sport. "You have to give it frequent attention.

Watch your pace

Much of studying includes taking practice tests, and it's important to know how to allow your time while taking them.

"Never do a practice exam without a stopwatch," says Gonzalez. "Timed practice is one of the most critical parts of the test."

Understand the format

Everyone gets the same content mix, but test-takers sometimes spend too much time trying to figure out the exam's algorithm. They may assume they wrongly answered a previous question if their current question seems easy. This line of thinking may lead to unnecessary stress.

Don't get tempted to spend five or 10 minutes on one question.

Like most standardized tests, experts agree that studying for the GAT is a must. The more familiar students are with the exam, the more confident they'll be when taking it, Idrees says. And confidence, he says, is one thing they'll need to do well.


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