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Career starts from the field of study you choose in starting stage of your professional studies at university. Most of the people select a field of study not because of their inmate potential and interest. Obviously, specially in Pakistan, the satisfaction and success in the studies of a particular field depend on the job associated with the field. The opportunities in the country as well as abroad, growth rate, and better reward in monetary terms through the job. Satisfaction requires you to know what truly motivates you. Many students will tell you that they’re unhappy in their current studies, but they can’t pinpoint why. They talk about being unfulfilled, underutilized, or underpaid opportunities after completion of degree. Many will simply say they’re “missing something.” More often than not, a lack of satisfaction in studies is a matter of internal needs not being met—such as a lack of personal growth or a lack of opportunity to be creative—rather than external needs, such as pay or benefits. Thus, achieving satisfaction is not simply a matter of earning a higher salary after studies.

Steps to Success

  • Find Your Purpose Most people spend a lifetime trying to find their calling in life. Define the needs you want your career to meet and helping you discover the path that will best lead to fulfilling your purpose and ambitions.
  • Identify Your Ideal Job for You Since you were a child, people have probably been asking you what you want to be when you grow up. You might still be trying to answer this question. Identifying your purpose is one thing, but finding the ideal job to help you achieve your purpose can seem even more difficult.
  • Select a Field of Study matching your desired job Even people who have an idea of what they want to do with their lives lack a plan and well-defined goals to get them there. Select a matching field of study in first step on the ladder of achieving your goal. Finally, you will discover what you can do to ensure your ongoing career success.

Opportunities are Not Limited

People who are successful in their careers aren’t lucky and are probably no different from you. They have discovered how to plan their career path, set and achieve goals, uncover and take advantage of opportunities, become highly skilled at networking, and they aren’t afraid to work hard to obtain what they want out of life.

Explore and Select

The list of major fields of studies available in Pakistan. Explore and select an institution offering your desired field of study.

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