PAF - Organization

The overall operational and administrative control of the PAF vests in the Chief of the Air Staff who exercises these functions through Air Headquarters. He is assisted by Vice- Chief of the Air Staff and five Deputy Chiefs of the Air Staff who controls and administers the disciplines of Operations, Administration, Training, Engineering and Personnel in the PAF.


The flying operations of the Air Force are carried out and supported by a number of operational, training and maintenance Air Bases located all over the country. The respective Base Commanders arc responsible for the operational readiness and combat efficiency of their Bases, The operational Bases are placed under three regional air commands, viz. Northern, Central and Southern each commanded by an Air Officer Commanding (AOC) who is responsible to the Chief of the Air Staff. The field command structure is designed to ensure coordination among the various fighting elements of the three services as well as understanding of one another’s role in the defense of the country. Each Base embodies a well-knit community of officers and men who operate and maintain the various weapon systems of the Air Force and is well-equipped to cater for all the needs of the personnel deployed there. An Air Base is not only a place of work but also a home for its personnel.


The Air Defense Command (ADC) maintains a year-round 24 hours surveillance of the national air space and controls all Air Defense activities of the PAF. The ADC exercises operational control overall the Air Defense elements (interceptor fighters, surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft guns, etc.) which are fully integrated with other weapon systems of the PAF to form a cohesive and potent deterrent force. Geographically, the air defense of the ‘country is organized on a regional basis for greater efficiency; each region being looked after by a Sector headquarters.