PAF - GD Pilot

The candidates who are able to meet the standards of general service training, flying and academics are commissioned as Pilot Officers in the GD (P) Branch of the PAP. The graduation parade, a never-forgotten experience for the Aviation Cadets, marks the end of training at the Academy. They are now ready to join the Fighter Conversion Units where they further develop their flying skills on more demanding and advanced jet aircraft. After successfully completing this conversion, the budding pilots are taken a step further, through Operations Conversion Unit, where they learn to master the front-line combat aircraft of the PAF. In these units the pilots are subjected to most critical and formative stage of training Here, for the first time, they are taught skills without which they cannot survive, an eagle-eyed ability to search the sky for the enemy, “dog fights” with simulated “enemy” aircraft, and the skill to shoot accurately.

After achieving the desired standards of proficiency in the fighter and operational conversion phases, the officers are now qualified to join the front-line combat squadrons of the Air Force as young operational pilots. It is in these squadrons that they truly grow into air warriors, a closely knit combat team, getting airborne in their highly lethal, supersonic machines to practices in perfect team work and aggressive attack, in air combat maneuvering, weapon delivery. tactical air support to land forces and many other C3pes of wartime flying. In these squadrons they continue to strive day-and-night towards higher levels of professional skill, so that they may remain ready to follow in the glorious foot steps of those who have established great fighting traditions in the PAF before them.

The profession of a combat pilot in the PAF is challenging and thrilling. The young men we require must possess a high level of intelligence, sound judgment, awareness, alertness, strong nerves, self-confidence and relentless determination to become combat pilots. If you have these qualities, join the PAF and we shall train you to achieve your goal. The complexity of modem air warfare can only be mastered by those who can understand, interpret and aggressively utilize the advantage of sophisticated devices and weapons, We enlarge your mental horizon by training you on the best of the equipment using the finest training aids. At the end you become a young combat pilot. You are also highly educated, having a B.Sc. Degree.

Selection Criteria


  • H.Sc./F.Sc. (Pre Engg./Pre Medical) with percentage as specified in the advertisement.
  • Senior Cambridge in five subjects and should have passed Physics, Chemistry and Math or Biology in A level.
  • Intermediate with Physics and any two of Math, Statistics or Biology. (The candidates having passed F.Sc. from foreign academic institutions will have to get equivalence certificate).


16 to 22 years for civilians and 18 to 23 years for serving Airmen on the date of commencement of course.

Marital Status

Unmarried male citizens of Pakistan


  • Twice rejected/screened Out by Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB).
  • Rejected by Air Force central Medical Board (CMB) or any Armed Forces Appeal Medical Board. The candidates declared unfit by CMB/CMH would remain ineligible unless they are declared fit by Appeal Medical Board.
  • Dismissed from any Government Service or withdrawn from any Service training institution.
  • Convicted by a court of law for any offence involving moral turpitude.

Selection Procedure

  • Intelligence Test, Interview and Preliminary Medical Examination at Selection Centre followed by Academic Tests in Physics & English
  • Test/interview by ISSB and Medical Examination by CMB.
  • Final selection in order of merit by Air Headquarters.


Three years of studies (up to B.Sc.) and Basic flying training at PAF Academy, Risalpur.


On successful completion of training the aviation cadets are commissioned in the GD(P) Branch of the PAF.