Engineering Colleges Universities in Balochistan

University of Engineering and Technology Khuzdar and University of Balochistan, are the main engineering universities that offer courses in the discipline of engineering. Though the education level in Balochistan is very low but these institutions impart significantly in the development of the region. Despite a greater resistance on the basis of their cultural, social, and political set up, the number of universities and colleges is on an increase in major cities like Queta and Khuzdar.
More and more scholarships are being offered for the students resident in Balochistan not only from local universities but also from national and international universities.

Universities for Engineering Sciences Bachelor Degree (Main Campus in Balochistan)

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Engineering Universities for MS and M. Phil.

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Engineering Universities for Doctorate Degree

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Many NGO has started their basic level development in the area. It is not far away that this area will also be the region of educational development.

Admission System

Admission in universities of Balochistan is simple, a student apply on a prescribed form obtained from relevant department. Entrytest (Admission Test) is also required. The name of entry test is ECAT. Some of the universities accepts NTS NAT IE as their entrytest.