Lesson: Data Sufficiency Basic - 03

Data Sufficiency Answer Choices

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Data sufficiency question has standard option choices. You must know the style of the options.

On test day, the explanations for the five answer choices will appear with every Data Sufficiency question. Remember, however, that every Data Sufficiency question always has the same five answer choices. So, it’s smart to memorize the choices so that you will not waste time reading them on test day. With just a little practice, you’ll know instantly which choice to pick based on the sufficiency of the statements.

Here are the 5 standard answer choices for Data Sufficiency. Roll your mouse over each one to see it’s meaning:

  1. Statement (1) BY ITSELF is sufficient, but statement (2) by itself is not.
  2. Statement (2) BY ITSELF is sufficient, but statement (1) by itself is not.
  3. Both statements TAKEN TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement BY ITSELF is sufficient.
  4. EACH statement BY ITSELF is sufficient.
  5. The two statements TAKEN TOGETHER are NOT sufficient.

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