Data Sufficiency Challenging Level

In this module you will learn the difficult to solve questions in this challenging module. One can perform better if:

  • learn the answer choices before doing practice questions
  • read the question and make any deductions from the data
  • think about what you need to solve the question
  • consider the statements one at a time
  • do not actually solve the problem

Answering Data Sufficiency

Without using an effective strategy for solving challenging Data Sufficiency questions, you cannot perform well on ths section. You must analyze the question statement as well as the choices. Carefully read them and evaluate what the question stem is. Question stem normally asks

  • a specific value
  • a range of numbers
  • a true/false value

After knowing the question, determine what information is required to answer the question. Now look at the choices. Follow the elimination process.

Use Only Given Information

Use only the information given in the questions. The data sufficiency questions seek to measure your ability to distinguish facts from careless assumptions. Do not rely on a visual assessment of a diagram accompanying a geometry question to determine angle sizes, parallel lines, etc. Use only the given information. Do not assume any thing from yourself.

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