English Essay Examination 2002

Time Allowed: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 100
Note: Write a comprehensive and analytical essay on ONE of the following topics.

  1. World scenario in 2l century and Pakistan’s Role in it.
  2. International Crisis in Terrorism.
  3. Every art is an imitation of nature.”
  4. Higher Science Education in the developing countries.
  5. Austerity as a solution of all our economic problems.
  6. Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.
  7. Higher Economic problem in Pakistan and how to meet them.
  8. A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth man’s   minds about to religion.”
  9. Art and Morality.
  10. Of all needs a book has, the chief need is that it be readable.
  11. Education has for its object the formation of character.”
  12. Need for serious planning in technical education in Pakistan.

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