English Essay Examination 1995

Time allowed: 2 hours 
Maximum marks: 50
Note: write an essay on any One of the following subjects:

  1. Press Freedom and Responsibility.
  2. Faith unites, dogma divides.
  3. Can Capitalism survive without interest?
  4. Nothing is so self-blinding as self-righteousness.
  5. Economic and Political development is not possible without social transformation.
  6. Pakistan-Afghanistan relations: Post-Soviet withdrawal phase.
  7. 50 years of the UN: a critical evaluation.
  8. Control of corupion in Pakistani society.
  9. Human kind cannot hear very much of reality.
  10. Prospects of demographic equilibrium in Pakistan through family-plan. fling.
  11. Plight of women and moves for their “empowerment”.
  12. Third World Poverty: Dimension and alleviation strategies.
  13. Economic planning and development in third world countries: objectives, problems and prospects.
  14. Universe in the light of modern scientific discoveries.

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