English Essay Examination 1985

Time allowed: 2 hours
Maximum marks: 50
Note: write an Essay on one of the following subjects: 

i) “Purpose of life on earth”
ii) Is Democracy panacea for all political and economic evils?
iii) “Drug Addiction” — its effects, extent and how to combat it?
iv) Dilemma of the water crisis that has hit the country in the middle of 1985, its relationship, if any, with the Indus Waters Treaty, and how to avoid it in future?
v)What are the social evils rampant in our society? Discuss them in their order of in’. Pittance how would you eradicate them? What are its implications on Pakistan’s present and future?
vi)Genesis of the Iran-Iraq War and its repercussions on the two countries, and its effect on the whole region?
vii) Example of the Holy Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be upon Him, as a perfect human being. Soldier and administrator.
ix)Pakistani’s achievements towards ammonization.
x)What is wrong with our educational system? Prepare a charter for its improvement.
xi) Prepare a brief draft brochure for a foreign tourist, describing beautiful scenic spots and historical places in Pakistan.
xii) Past and future perspective of the Nuclear Disarmament Talks.

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