English Essay Examination 1983

Time allowed: 2 hours
Maximum marks: 50
 (a) Make an outline for writing an Essay on any one of the following topics.
(b) Write the Essay based on the outline you have drawn.

i) The Oil glut and its implications on balance of power.
ii) Dynamic developments in Pakistan’s social structure.
iii) The institution of Ombudsman. Wafaqi Mobtasib.
iv) Freedom Movement and establishment of Pakistan.
v) South Asian Regional Co-operation. The emergence of a new power bloc.
vi) Human kind cannot bear very much reality.
vii) Value of Faith in a computerized world.
viii) Art as a vehicle of social reconstruction.
ix) Plight of the Third World and urgency of a new economic order.
x) National dynamism and Islamic internationalism.
xi) Small is Beautiful.
xii) Industrial development and environmental pollution.


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