English Essay Examination 1997

Time allowed: 2 hours 
Maximum marks: 50
Note: write an essay on any One of the following subjects:

  1. Pleasures of idleness.
  2. “None but the brave deserve the fair.”
  3. Expanding information technology; a curse or blessing.
  4. Human development must be the objective of all other developments.
  5. Muslim perception of the Vest, and the Western perceptions of Islam.
  6. Civil War in Afghanistan; Consequences for regional countries.
  7. Democracy in Pakistan will remain insecure without strong local self- government institutions.
  8. Fifty years of Pakistan: the dreams and the realities?
  9. VTO (World Trade Organization) and its implication for developing economies like Pakistan.
  10. In a democracy the votes of the vicious and stupid count. But under any other system they might be running the show.
  11. The antisocial economy and its attribution.
  12. The manner in which it is given is worth more than the gift.

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