English Essay Examination 1999

Time Allowed: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 100
NOTE: write an Essay on any ONE of the following subjects:

  1. “And who so is saved from narrow--mindedness — such arc they ho are successful”. (Al-Quran).
  2. Self-Esteem.
  3. Is the world Ready for the Gene Age?
  4. Risk of ‘Soviet Syndrome’ for Pakistan.
  5. The cream rises to the top, so does the scum”
  6. Gender Discrimination.
  7. “The struggle to raise a nation’s living standards is fought first and foremost in the classroom”.
  8. Piety at public expense.
  9. “For forms of government, let fools contest; whatever is administered best is best.”
  10. Renaissance in the Muslim World: Prospects and Perils
  11. Most history is Guessing, and the rest is prejudice”.
  12. Decay of idealism in Pakistan.

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