English Essay Examination 1987

Time allowed: 2 hours
Maximum marks: 50
Note: Write an essay on any one of the following subjects:

a)      Sweet are the uses of adversity
b)      Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty.
c)       A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
d)      The non-aligned movement.
e)      Growing debt problem of the Third-World. 

f)       Human resources development, a Pre-requisite to technological advancement.
g)      Corruption and its distorting effect on social and economic structure.
h)      Muslim Ummab at the Cross-road.
i)        Federalism and national integration.
j)        Prime Minister’s Five-Point Program as a blue-print of socioeconomic development.
k)      Role of agriculture in our economy.
l)        Population growth in Pakistan and it implication.

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