Books Available in Pakistan

Pakistan shared a literary and cultural heritage with India for hundreds of years, so separating out the two groups of literature is difficult. The first book in Urdu was published in the early seventeenth century in this region. Since the creation of Pakistan, a few number of publishers carry on the Book publishing business.

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Books for Test Preparation

Every major bookshop in Pakistan holds a large number of admission and employment test prep books. But do you think, every book is a good choice for you. Certainly not, every individual has different need in every aspect including book requirement. Then it is the most important factor for test preparation, which book is the most fit for you. Follow a criteria in selecting a book for targeting a high score in the test.

Author of the Book

Except a few, books available are written by just writers - means a person having a degree in Math or English and has no experience of what is test. Only a very few authors have relevant experience of test preparation.


Always prefer a real publisher. Avoid to purchase book published by printing press or booksellers. They are just opportunists. They try to chase the opportunity.