GMAT for LUMS and IBA in Pakistan

GMAT is a standardized test used for the evaluation of students seeking admission in BBA, MBA, and post graduate studies in Pakistan or abroad. Management studies provide you the skills, preparation, and credentials you need to accelerate your career growth. MBA is the most popular degree program in Pakistan. LUMS and IBA MBA programs are the most applied in Pakistan.

Download Sample Papers or Past Papers of GMAT

GMAT in Pakistan download past papers. GMAT score is accepted by LUMS, IBA, and others in Pakistan.

The sample or past papers of GMAT provided are based on interviews of past test takers. However; similar MCQs have been added to complete the sample paper.

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The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a 3-1/2 hour standardized test designed to predict how test-takers will perform academically in MBA (Masters in Business Administration) or BBA programs. GMAT scores are used by business schools like LUMS and IBA to make admission decisions. High Score in GMAT increases the chances of your admission to the target business school.

GMAT Structure


You might also see the GMAT referred to as the "GMAT CAT"; the acronym CAT stands for "Computer Adaptive Test." The GMAT is administered only by computer now in Pakistan. GMAT CAT

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You’ve probably heard the quote (originally credited to Alexander Graham Bell): Preparation is the key to success. When it comes to test taking, these are words to live by.

Video Lessons and Fully explained Test Prep

Large number of solved practice MCQ with explanations. Video Lessons and 10 Fully explained Grand/Full Tests.