LGAT: LUMS Graduate Admission Test

LGAT measures mathematical, verbal and analytical abilities with the objective to assess a candidate’s suitability for graduate study. Questions are designed to explore knowledge and skills acquired over a period of time. The test makes it possible to compare candidates with different backgrounds.
The test will take around three hours. There will be five multiple-choice (MCQ) sections of the test, which are as follows:
  • Mathematics 2 sections
  • Verbal 1 section
  • Analytical 2 sections


There will be two sections of 30 minutes each.


There will be one section of 30 minutes.


There will be two sections of 30 minutes each.

Video Lessons and Fully explained Test Prep

Large number of solved practice MCQ with explanations. Video Lessons and 10 Fully explained Grand/Full Tests.

Paid Preparation for GAT

College of Admission Tests has been operating in the field of test preparation which offers two types of prep plans.

Online Preparation

You can prepare the LGAT online. This plan has its differentiated and smart advantages like time sparing and flexibility, cost effectiveness, and freedom of study time.

Classroom Courses

College of Admission Tests offers classroom courses for all major tests. Address:
College of Admission Tests
OPP MEPCO Offices, Khanewal Road, Multan
Phone: 061 4550698 , 061 8143333

Free Preparation for LGAT

Each module of lessons or practice exercise includes Practice Questions. Click the section links below to take lessons:

Quantitative Section

Verbal Section

Context and Vocabulary Based

Vocabulary Based



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